Real Estate Drone Photography and Video

What do top agents have in common that helps to set them apart? They use real estate aerial photography and videos in nearly all of their listings.

Aerial views are striking and add intrigue to a listing. Real estate aerial photography can highlight features and showcase entire properties in ways that ground based photos miss. Aerial photos can show nearby amenities like parks and beaches, as well as access to shopping and major roads. Offering aerial photos and videos is a great way to get more and better listings. Get great HDR stills and awesome 4K video from a new perspective!

Why use Ahead Real Estate Photography for aerial photos and video?

With Ahead Real Estate Photography, you get a licensed, insured, highly skilled drone pilot. And while the consumer drones that many other photographers use are getting better, they still don’t compare to the professional equipment Ahead Photography brings to the job.

In addition to an FAA license, we are FAA Safety Team Certified. And we carry $2M in liability insurance.

Ahead Real Estate Photography is owned by Ahead Aerial Services, a specialized drone services provider. In addition to the real estate industry, Ahead Air serves construction contractors, utility companies, municipalities and more. We are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to putting cameras in the air.


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